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Релизы 2010 года

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01.01.2010, 17:21   # 1
Jack The Ripper
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See, it takes us about months to get things moving, but we'll make it happen! Here The Latest News Out Of Your Favorite Rock'n'Roll & Punk Factory...

Upcoming Releases

THE METEORS - "Pure Evil Live" DVD
Такое вот сообщение с немецкого лейбла People Like You!!!!!!

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21.02.2010, 02:54   # 2
Кирилл Петроград
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Rocker Arms - Soapbox Derby (2010)

Далее читаните очень интересное письмо:

Allow me to introduce myself..
My name is James Paul Matthews, and I am writing on behalf of a band you are very well acquainted with... Skitzo. I am of personal relation to them.. Rod Connor being my dad and Phil Connor being my uncle. So just to clarify I am not some randomer who is spreading hearsay! lol Anyway... you may or may not be already aware, but as of the past couple of months, 3/4 of the original 'Skitzo Mania' era line up have reformed with a new bass player Joel Spiel, who has been a long term Skitzo fan, and close family friend for many years.
This is the first reunion which has been crystal-clear confirmed by the band themselves, and I am being the chosen spokesperson to inform everyone, so they can inform everyone else!

Basically here is the lowdown on what I know and that I can share. There will be a brand new 20-track album coming this summer.. specific dates have yet TBC for its official release, but it will be a mixture of re-workings of select Skitzo tracks from previous albums, brand new material, and a couple of covers. So it is more of a chance, maybe an experiment more like, for the new generation to get acquainted with one of the spearheading psychobilly bands of previous times, and for the old school wrecking crews to refresh their memoires of a band they truly missed. The band are using this album as an experiment to see wether or not they have any relevance still today within todays pshycobilly scenes, and depending on the outcome, they WILL tour (which is almost inevitable), and possibly even record future releases.

The new album will be released through my independent record label, Rumble In The Ghetto Records (RITG Records), so it is purely a grass roots DIY ethic release, that we will be promoting and spreading the word like the smell of fresh napalm in the morning.
I shall be putting up an official Skitzo Youtube Channel up as well, so it will have an official video statement from the band themselves, and like a bit of studio updating, and some uploads from their back catalogue, for generations, new and old, to catch up on if they don't have their material!

Here are the links to where you will get OFFICIAL up to date news from the band, and the label itself...

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31.03.2010, 20:00   # 3
Be Happy
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Nox - Mad In Italy (2010)

Итальянские олдскульщики,отчего-то миновавшие просторы нашей скромной обители,хотя за плечами у них уже не мало релизов.

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11.07.2010, 18:58   # 4
Eugene Yoghurt
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В Испании Pip объявил,что скоро,после 14летнего молчания выходит новый альбом GUANA BATZ
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12.09.2010, 11:11   # 5
Кирилл Петроград
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Shaun Horton's Del Rio Ramblers - Go Away Hound Dog (2010)

Warren Ace and The Dukes - Why Waltz When You Can Rock And Roll? (2010) Rebel Music Records

April Mae & The June Bugs - s/t (2010) April Mae & The June Bugs Recprds

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13.11.2010, 18:27   # 6
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BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA - "It's Gonna Rock…'Cause That's What I Do" DVD (09 November 2010)

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20.11.2010, 17:12   # 7
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Легендарная польская команда Partia выпустила Бэст на cd и виниле

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