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Broken Nose /Ska-Core, 00s, 10s, from UK/

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Broken Nose

Bridgend's Broken Nose are essentially a skacore band with a variety of
influences - mixing poppy melodies with ska and hardcore influences. At times
they sound like a more aggressive Adequate Seven, which is definitely a good
thing. Mixing up a variety of different musical styles throughout - 'Pro-Active'
mixes in hardcore, dub and a Beastie Boyes-esque 'Sabotage' style vocal -
keeps this interesting, although at times the band do come across as a bit
messy, as the very same song has a wildly overblown stop/start guitar solo
at the end which doesn't really make the rest of the song particularly
cohesive. The individual sum of each part is brilliant, but put together it
doesn't always quite work.

I was debating whether to give this 6 or 7 and opted for the latter because
Broken Nose don't really sound like anyone else. And that has to ultimately be
a good thing.

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Artist....: Broken Nose
Album.....: No Compromise
Year......: 2010
Genre.....: Ska-Core
Bitrate...: 320 kbps
Size......: 86 mb

(02:29) 01 - Intro
(02:22) 02 - Strike
(01:56) 03 - TV
(03:41) 04 - The Truth
(02:43) 05 - That Girl
(03:44) 06 - Blazin
(04:42) 07 - Survival Dub
(04:02) 08 - Don't Fuck With Me
(03:33) 09 - The Real UK
(03:56) 10 - Pressure
(04:14) 11 - Bonus Track

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