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Abner Jay /one man band, outsider artists & swamp blues/

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26.12.2009, 17:43   # 1
Adolf Wolf
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The ultimate one-man-band wild man from south Georgia, USA 1960s. Abner Jay was the most unusual music talent the world has ever seen & a true southerner. His original LPs are sought after & very rare, making this CD reissue very welcome. There is a long line of social & musical experience which constitutes Jay's tradition, blacks' domestic entertainment inspiring white imitations, in turn stimulating composed, sheet-music idioms for middle-class & professional performance, which then animated younger generations of black musicians. For forty two years Jay worked as a unique one man band where he played electric banjo & swamp guitar, drums, harmonica, & sang at the same time. Jay was once a traveling performer with the Silas Green Show, one of the last multifaceted road shows on record. Tastes & tolerances of what constitutes acceptable public entertainment are always changing & Jay was part of making idioms which may not in fact have received too much exposure in the daily pressure to captivate audiences by extrovert mannerisms. Singing songs on subjects ranging from LSD to 'what's six inches long & has two nuts on the end' you've got to hear it to believe it. A true glimpse at some real Americana compiling the best tracks from Abners original LPs. The ultimate in one man bands, outsider artists & swamp blues! Subliminal Sounds.

Artist...: Abner Jay
Album....: One Man Band
Date.....: 2006
Lable....: Subliminal

Source.........: CD
Bitrate........: 192, 128 kb/s
Sample rate....: 44100 Hz
Bit resolution.: 16 bit stereo
Size...........: 67.26 MB

01. Woke Up This Morning
02. Bring It When You Come
03. Cocaine Blues
04. I'm So Depressed
05. Vietnam
06. Vd
07. I'm A Hard Working Man
08. Wee Wee
09. I Wanna Job
10. Don't Mess With Me Baby
11. Royal Palm
12. Cocaine
13. Swaunee

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Adolf Wolf,

шикарный релиз! настоящий новогодний подарок!
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Abner Jay - One Man Band (2003, Subliminal)
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