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Prince Deadly /Dub, Reggae, 20s, from UK/

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Artist.........: Prince Deadly
Album..........: Gravity Dubs Vol​.​1
Year...........: 2024
Bitrate........: 320 kbps
Size...........: 110 mb
Release Date: June 1, 2024. Label: Original Gravity. Total Length: 47:25. Highly anticipated new LP from label boss and chief musician Neil Anderson, a.k.a Prince Deadly. This pioneering collection sees Prince Deadly masterfully dubbing some of the early Original Gravity Reggae releases, transforming them with his signature early dub style. "Gravity Dubs Vol.1" is a testament to Neil Anderson’s deep-rooted passion for reggae and dub music. As Prince Deadly, he has meticulously reimagined and remixed classic tracks from the Original Gravity catalogue, infusing them with a fresh, vibrant energy while staying true to the genre's authentic roots. This LP is set to be a landmark release, bridging the gap between the past and present of reggae music. Neil Anderson, the creative force behind the Original Gravity Label, has long been celebrated for his innovative approach to music production. With "Gravity Dubs Vol.1," he continues to push the boundaries, offering listeners a rich, immersive experience that honours the traditions of early dub while introducing contemporary elements. "Gravity Dubs Vol.1" features an array of reworked tracks that highlight the versatility and depth of the Original Gravity Label's early reggae releases. Each track has been carefully crafted, showcasing Prince Deadly's expertise in blending hypnotic basslines, echo-laden rhythms, and atmospheric effects. The result is a collection that not only pays homage to the genre's pioneers but also sets a new standard for modern dub music.

1. Zheng Shang-Chi
2. Straight Down The Valley
3. Velvet Revoltion
4. Ride Like The Wind
5. The Louisville Lip
6. Gethin Wood
7. One-Eighty Dub
8. Dub Train
9. Throw The Dice And Take Your Shot
10. Moondubbin’
11. Pandora Rocks
12. Deadly Wins The Downhill World Cup

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